Our Lodge

Early in the fall of 1864, a group of Master Masons met in the hall over Thompson and Whitings store by virtue of a general invitation, extended to all resident Masons. The meeting was called to order by Brother Edwin F. Whiting, and duly organized by electing Brother Whiting President, and one Cassander Flagg, Secretary. At the first meeting of the group one Brother Johnson, a broker, was appointed as a committee of one to report at the next meeting upon the probable expense necessary to the formation of a Lodge.

On October 10, 1864, the Brethren met in accordance with adjournment and listened to Brother Johnsons report, but the old records fail to state the contents of that report, or action thereon. However a committee was appointed to get the names of those Brethren willing to bare a proportional part of the expenses consequent upon the establishment of a Lodge. The next recorded meeting was held Saturday, October 15, 1864, when the group voted to hire a hall, and appointed a committee to attend to fitting up the same. A committee was also appointed to confer with, and obtain permission of Montgomery Lodge of Milford, to establish a Lodge in Holliston. A committee on bylaws as well as a committee of three to arrange for a temporary organization were also appointed. After this busy evening, with practically everyone assigned to some particular job, it was voted to adjourn to Friday night at 7:30 oclock, and agreeable to that vote a meeting was held October 21, 1864. The record of this meeting, resembling a copperplate, written by E. R. Bullard, shows that this group voted to lease the hall over Colburn Brothers store at a yearly rental of $75. for a period of five years.

In petitioning the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge for a dispensation, they gave as their reason for this request: for the convenience of our respective dwellings, and other good reasons. They set the date of meeting as the first Monday of each month, to discharge the duties of Ancient York Masonry. A dispensation was granted to Mount Hollis Lodge, December 14, 1864, and Masonic tradition states that the Lodge was Instituted February 14, 1865.

Mount Hollis Lodge at that date consisted of 72 Charter members, each one holding an office in the original organization.

Today, the Mount Hollis Lodge membership roster consists of nearly 100 men of all walks of life, different generations, and areas of specialty.  It is well-know for its active membership and outgoing brotherhood.  Home to the Super Bowl Hoagie Sale, monthly breakfasts, and other events for the brethren or community at large, Mount Hollis Lodge is an epicenter of Holliston activity.

Historical information gleaned from MasonicGenealogy.com