Thank You!

Recently, Mount Hollis Lodge held our 26th Annual Super Bowl Sandwich Sale for charity.  The event itself is a tradition that hundreds of people have frequented for years, and currently benefits both the Holliston Food Pantry Shelf and the Mount Hollis Scholarship Fund.  It takes a lot of planning, work and support.  We would like to thank those from outside our Lodge who selflessly gave their time and efforts to help this cause.

Chris Leoncini at the Holliston Superette:  Chris has long been a supporter of the Holliston Community beyond the services that his store offers the public.  Always willing to not only let organizations post their advertisements, but also willing to point people to the events, even when they might possibly compete with his business.  For the past few years, Chris has allowed us to order Boar’s Head meats through him and pick them up at his store, allowing us to order more-specific quantities and at a timing that works better than our previous source.  He allows us to post flyers and freely advertise to community members within his operation.  We truly value the friendship and support he gives us and the town of Holliston as a whole.  Please remember his devotion when visiting the Holliston Superette!

The Holliston Reporter For years now, the Holliston Reporter has the place to go for news, information, and events (including ours!).  While we missed the company and support of recently-departed Bill Tobin, the rest of the crew was a huge help in getting the word out, and interviewing us to explain the event to those who were not aware.  Without them, we would not have made the volume of sales we did!

Anne-Marie Galiastro:  While she is not a member, she was nice enough to allow her husband Joe to drive the planning and scheduling, as well as make the sandwiches on Sunday.  In addition to this, she sent out timely reminders online and helped increase the buzz around town related to the event.  It’s friends of the Lodge like that, that keep us going and striving to reach new heights!

Morgan Holmes:  Morgan is still just a teenager, but has been involved in helping with the event for several years now.  Whether it was making signs with her sisters and then bouncing them around so drivers would pull into the Lodge when she was younger, or helping with both the prep work as well as sandwich assembly in recent years, Morgan has been an inspiration to other kids to pitch in and help out with a great cause!

Brethren from other Lodges:  Mount Hollis Lodge was not the only one to supply members to the effort, or to buy the sandwiches to increase the donations.  In all, brethren from nine different Lodges showed up.  While Mount Hollis Lodge may have its name up in lights, we weren’t alone in our work.  Their support serves as a testament to what Brotherhood is all about.  Thank you all!

These are just a few mentions, but there are more… too many to fully include.  Because of this great effort, 2018 WAS THE BEST YEAR EVER FOR THE EVENT!!!  Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Holliston Food Pantry Shelf and the Mount Hollis Scholarship Fund (for High School seniors that display community leadership).  We are honored and humbled for everone’s support.